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How to assemble Verti-Grow moss art table

Updated: May 8

Our Moss Art Tables are a stunning example of biophilic design and functional natural art.

They are an amazing conversation starter and allow you to create a miniature green oasis anywhere in your indoor space with a range of heights and sizes.

After you've received one of our tables, you would need to assemble it in a few quick and easy steps.

Your box will contain everything you need:

- Pre-build moss art table frame in the size, design and finish of your choice

- Legs and protective feet

- All the fixings and tools to attach the legs

- Plywood sheet (you should use it to protect the table and your surfaces when attaching legs)

- Tabletop glass (it would arrive in a separate package).

Assembly steps:

  1. Carefully open up the box and take out all its contents, unwrap the table frame and legs.

  2. Turn your table frame upside down onto the plywood sheet.

  3. Line up the legs with the inserts in the table and use the fixings provided to screw in the bolts with the allen key.

  4. Attach protective feet on all legs (optional).

  5. Put your table on its legs and place the glass on top.

  6. Sit back and enjoy real nature in a form of a functional art.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact us on

07557534033 or

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