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Deck your halls sustainably this Christmas with our calming and eco-friendly home decor!

Handcrafted by us with love!

Sent in a beautiful, 100% recyclable box.

Complementary gift wrapping and a personalised message card
can be included on request

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- Preserved Moss Walls & Moss Art

​Preserved moss wall covering or a moss art is a beautiful addition to any home or business designed to create a WOW effect.

Preserved moss is a great alternative to live plants if you need to add a bit of greenery to your space as you won't need to worry about any upkeep!

nick clarke signage (6 of 6).jpg

Company Branding

Flexibility & Many uses

Zero Upkeep

Showcase your branding in unique and natural way by adding moss wall logo or a 3D signage.

Preserved moss can be installed in almost any indoor setting, covering a whole wall, a ceiling, hung on a wall as a framed piece or as a table. No project is too big or small!

Preserved moss goes through natural permanent preservation. Once installed, it requires no ongoing maintenance, water or sunlight. It will stay looking beautiful for many years to come!

Mobile glyhs_.jpg
Mobile glyhs_.jpg
Mobile glyhs_.jpg

There are endless possibilities to what you can create with preserved moss and where it can be installed. 

Preserved moss copes with curved walls, spaces with no sunlight and areas where live plants won't survive.



Moss walls we create are completely scalable and can be made to any dimensions, on flexible and lighweight backing boards and from completely bespoke designs.


All our design work, production and installations are carried out in-house and by our dedicated team.  


We produce our larger-scale pieces on separate tiles and then transport them to the site, fixing them in order and then meticulously blending and stitching each tile together to create one beautiful and seamless Moss Art piece.

bathroom_eleven (19 of 36).jpg


Our framed Moss Art pieces are handcrafted from scratch by our expert Moss Artists in our Brighton workshop. Each design, frame and art piece is made fully in-house, using the highest quality preserved Moss, Flowers, Leaves, Barks etc

We can ship directly to you with hanging instructions and fixings or if you prefer we offer a delivery and installation service also.

They require no maintenance and should be thought of as hanging a painting.

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"Green offices increase wellbeing by 47%, creativity by 45%, and productivity by 38%."

Exeter University Study, 2013

Bring your brand logo to life without losing the beautiful and unique colours that make your business unforgettable. Preserved moss is perfect for custom signage.


Add vibrancy, vitality and colour enhancing your brand logo and message.

biggar gin (8 of 10).png


Turn any of our moss designs into a beautiful natural wall, framed art piece or a table (a coffee table, a dinning table, a console table etc.). There are no limitations!

moss projects graphic copy.jpg
Reconnect with nature

Moss Art

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