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Moss Walls

Long-lasting and Zero maintenance

A moss wall creates a stunning focal point for commercial buildings, residences, and other indoor spaces. It is created by using different types of preserved moss , flowers, leaves, barks, branches or mushrooms  to fit any shape or size.

They last for decades without any maintenance or watering due to permanent preservation process, that allows them to retain their look and texture.


Moss walls should be thought of as hanging a painting whilst still bursting with colour, wow factor and  biophilic benefits.

a wall covered in moss in a living room top view
a girl working

For employees

Moss walls offer a visually pleasing link to nature indoors, enhancing mood and decreasing stress, thereby creating a more enjoyable workspace, while also fostering a sense of well-being and productivity.

a moss wall in sky studios Elstree

For businesses

Moss walls not only enhance workplace appeal for employees, improve their productivity and well-being, but can also be crafted into logos  that reinforce brand identity, while adding an element of natural beauty and sophistication to the workspace.

bathroom design

For homeowners

Moss walls bring the tranquility of nature indoors, providing a serene and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation, while also adding value to the property.

100% Natural Moss

Our Own Production

Accoustically Effective


No ongoing cost

Moss Walls Ideas to Transform your Home or Workspace:

Variations and Options:

Full wall coverings

A fantastic way to bring in a lot of natural greenery. Moss walls can be customized to fit any size, and with different species offering various colours and textures, we can create paneling that matches your preferences perfectly.


We offer a large range of frame shapes, colours and sizes. Moss art frames can be a more cost effective way to cover a large wall area. 

Company logos

We take care of signage and add it into the finished pieces with hidden standoffs or embedded within the moss itself. Your company logo is guaranteed to grab attention!


We can embed QR code plates within the moss to link a visitor to a video, information page or website.


We often professionally film and photograph extensively and can hand these over to clients for their use and we shout about projects from the rooftops on social media.


Moss Wall Art works fantastically alongside other biophilic products and these can be incorporated into the design.

moss art-97.jpg

Where Do I Start?

We work closely with you to tailor your project according to your design preferences, and we take joy in crafting something genuinely unique for each of our clients.

We provide a complete package, including design consultation, layout drawings and design proofs, bespoke manufacturing, progress updates with images, and complete delivery and installation services.

moss wall in an office
moss coffee table with coffee mugs

Book a consultation with us

Whether you're looking to bring greenery to your home, workspace, or commercial space, our Biophilic Design Experts are here to help you!

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Reconnect with nature

Moss Art

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