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Plants and Planters

At Verti-Grow we offer a fully bespoke service for your planting needs for both interior and exterior spaces via a range of styles and products. Including planters, planted furniture, ceiling plants, vertical planting and plant screens.

to you

We can meet all of your specific requirements via our bespoke service which all begins with a free consultation.

All in One Service

All of our design, production, installation and maintenance is carried out in house meaning you are always in touch with the people creating your vision.


Our commitment lies in employing the most eco-friendly methods and materials throughout every stage of the process.

A Wide Range

Verti-Grow offers an array of modern greening solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces including ceilings, walls, roofs and floors.

We cover it all…

Bringing Nature to you!

Make your workspace or home
a lush and healthy green oasis!

Purchase or Rental options are available, along with ongoing support and maintenance packages.

Key benefits of living plants

professional woman in an office surrounded by plants

Air purification

Purifies our air by scrubbing Co2 and releasing oxygen all whilst looking good too.

Stress reduction & enhanced mood

 Studies have shown that being around plants can reduce stress levels and promote a sense of well-being.

Improved focus & productivity

Indoor plants can help reduce mental fatigue and enhance cognitive function, making them important additions to workspace, home offices or educational spaces.

Snake Plant
Modern Office Interior

Noise reduction

Certain plants absorb and diffract sound waves, helping to reduce background noise and create a quieter indoor environment.

Connection with nature

Adding plants to your home or office to reconnect with nature, which is increasingly crucial in our urbanized environments. Find our more about Biophilic Design here.

Temperature regulation

Plants can help regulate temperature both indoors and outdoors, keeping the air feeling fresh while providing much-needed shade.

people planting plant pots
hands holding preserved moss kokedama

Our Craftsmanship

planters on a rooftop in London

Get Inspired

sussex university aerial picture moss wall in an office
moss art coffee table with two coffee mugs two people sitting on a couch

Book a consultation with us

Whether you're looking to bring greenery to your home, workspace, or commercial space, our Biophilic Design Experts are here to help you!

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