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Top tips on how to build your own Moss Art!

Updated: May 8

Moss art and what you need to know

It's time to roll up those sleeves and get stuck into your very own moss art project! If you are like us, and are a lover of nature and DIY, then this is the perfect project for you!

Moss Art

With only a few supplies needed, you'll be able to design a one-of-a-kind piece that will enhance your space and will last for years and years. Did you know that preserved moss has no maintenance at all! That's right, preserved moss not only looks amazing, it is super easy to care for.

Due to the permanent preservation, moss is pest free, hypoallergenic and needs no watering or light. So... if you are someone who struggles to keep plants alive then viola! You have a solution to all your greenery desires.

With this in mind, you'll be pleased to know that our shop has just released new DIY materials. This means after this blog you can head over to our store and start choosing the moss you would like to display in your new moss art creation!

Our top tips!

Map it out

When working with a variety of moss it can help to map out your design. This will enable you to stick to your visual goal. Moss comes in all shapes and sizes and the design can easily change if you free style it.

Moss Art

Once you have selected your frame or wooden panel, simply take a pencil and allow your hand to sketch out your desired design. Don't worry! You can cross out any mistakes and start again if you like... the moss will be stuck on top of this template and won't be visible.

Wear the gloves!

Although it may look easy, creating moss art can be very dangerous. Please ensure that you have purchased heat protective gloves and that you use them every time.

hot glue gun squeezes out glue on moss

Hot glue from the gun is extremely hot and when makes contact with skin can be very harmful. The gloves will protect you and will allow this project to be safe and fun, minus any burns. When applying the glue to your bun moss, make sure you get enough on the bottom of the moss and firmly press it down into place.

Tweezers for the fiddly bits

There aren't many tools you need for moss art but we highly recommend this great tool! When sticking your flat moss or fern moss down, it's like piecing together a puzzle. Sometimes the piece you pick fits perfectly with the one you've just stuck down, and other times the piece just doesn't quite fit.

hand holding tweezers with preserved moss

These large tweezers will help you shape the moss to fit in tight gaps, and you can also use them to flatten and smooth out. For the perfect finish make sure you fill those gaps! The idea is to make it look like one untouched piece that you have just pulled up from the forest floor.

Finally, the best bit!

It's time for the finishing touch! If you ask any of our moss artists what their favourite part is when creating moss art, they will tell you it's adding the tiny, little details at the end.

a hand places dried flowers in moss art

You can be as playful as you want here! Choose your favourite dried flowers and go wild! Whether that be a rainbow effect or something more subtle. We recommend sticking your dainty flowers down with PVA glue. This is enough to stick to the moss without ruining the flower.

Now, let the Moss Art fun begin!

Now we have shared our top tips, we hope your moss art project is success. Not only will your moss art impress, it will also enhance your mood by nurturing the connection between you and nature. The purpose of biophilic design is to create a healthy and harmonious environment by incorporating the natural world into our homes. For more information about biophilic effects, please click here.

We would love to see all your wonderful creations so please do tag our Instagram page!

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