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We turn wasted walls into vertical living gardens – both inside and out of your home or business! 

"Blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain activity could all be improved by viewing plants for as little as 3 to 5 minutes”
​– UK Research and Innovation, 2020

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What is a


Living Wall?





Over the years we have designed, installed and maintained many square metres of living wall. Along the way we’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge and we use this to make every project a success.

Verti-Grow uses a new innovative self-irrigated vertical garden system, it's unique fishscale pattern of planting pods is just the start of the innovation in both form & function.


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full service



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Design Process

  • Every project is bespoke and designed from scratch and is based around your requirements and your vision.

  • To get the ball rolling we can provide a quotation along with some information based on some images of the area, location, and measurements. After that we will provide technical drawings, plant lists, scheme and plant placement layout

  • When possible we are happy to meet on site and conduct a no obligation, full site survey and consultation 

  • We work with you to produce a design and proposal for your project that only is considered complete once fully approved

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  • We use various living wall and irrigation systems depending on project requirements. This means we can offer the most applicable systems and the best prices.

  • We also use many ingenious ways and methods of access when installing our projects, getting them in all sorts of spaces and places. All operatives are fully trained and we cant take care of scaffolding, cherry pickers and hoists etc.

  • We use the optimum system and method of installation for each project based on the existing site, budget and materials . 

  • We offer a one stop shop for the complete works and materials needed for a professionally completed and high quality installation.

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  • Following the design process we book in a date to install and order all the materials and plants needed

  • When on site we take the utmost care to not cause damage and use protection for floors, walls and windows. Site is left clean and tidy and we pride ourselves on things being squared away

  • We can provide RAMS, high level of public liability insurance and the relevant certificates

  • We take care of each aspect of installation and from the base to the decorative finishes of each project

  • Finally we plant up, most of the time off site meaning minimal mess, following the plant scheme chart that has been created with the client.

Maintenance Contracts

​Living Walls, like us, need feeding, watering and some care now and then. To keep them looking their best and performing as they should we advise letting us take care of this after installation.

We also offer tailor made maintenance contracts to suit each living walls individual needs.
Our dedicated and professional team will visit when scheduled to carry out the maintenance and leave the area clean and tidy. This includes adding feed, pest treatment and a general sprucing up.

  • Looking after your wall once install is complete is vital.

  • We offer full maintenance packages that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Every visit we carry out will to be to perform general maintenance and sprucing up of  plants, pest control and treatments, additives and feed, weed removal, irrigation checks and waste removal.

  • We will also monitor and alter the irrigation system remotely when possible. Receiving alerts to any problems and addressing them before plant loss occurs.

We offer:

  • Scheduled visits

  • Professional & efficient service

  • System checks

  • Pest and disease control

  • Offsite monitoring

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Off-site monitoring

This is invaluable when it comes to catching any faults that may occur with irrigation systems or water and power supplies. The system we offer is Wi-Fi or 3g connected allowing us to monitor water supply, alter schedules and be instantly alerted to any loss of water and power.

​We can even add yourself as a user for you to be in the loop as well.
​We offer offsite monitoring as standard with any capable system.

Healthy & clean plants not only look & smell fantastic, they also filter toxins from the air and keep producing oxygen!


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