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We are a vertical gardening and green design company passionate about bringing nature into our increasingly urbanised lives.

We achieve this with living walls that can be placed outside or inside people's homes, offices and buildings with a flexible and modular installation system. We also convert natural materials into preserved moss walls, moss art pictures, and tables filled with lush greenery for use in residential and commercial settings. We utilise unused spaces such as roofs and turn then into green roofs which as a result  purifies the air, reduces the ambient temperature, regulates the indoor temperature, saves energy, acts as a rain buffer, and encourages biodiversity in our cities. 

Verti-Grow is based in Brighton with projects spanning the entire United Kingdom working with private and commercial clients, interior designers and architects.

​We also welcome any international projects.


Our story began around 10 years ago in London by one man team Dan. His main focus was to be transparent with clients, deliver personal and high quality service on time with a green ethic at the core of the business.

Today, Verti-Grow has expanded tremendously with a dedicated team of Moss Artists and moss walls and living walls installers both in Brighton and London. We are proud to have worked with many small and large commercial and private clients.

Our moss art pictures are also sold internationally.

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We dare to create the future of green infrastructure in areas where it is most needed.

We want to build an appreciation for outdoor nature that encourages biodiversity and removes air pollutants.

We also want to foster an appreciation for indoor nature, which promotes serenity, productivity, and a positive mental state


We design, produce, install, and maintain all our jobs. This means you are always in touch with the very people who are working on your project. We have vast experience with working on small and large jobs, both domestic and commercial.

Since the beginning we have had a green ethic at the core of the business and always aim to have a positive impact on the environment. 

We are committed to recovering materials and upcycling them into our projects wherever possible. We also strive to use local suppliers.

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Find handcrafted one-of-a-kind moss art pictures
And fill your space with a piece of a lush forest and nature!

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