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Preserved Flat Moss also know as Sheet Moss and Carpet Moss, is 100% Natural.  It comes as a flat sheet of moss in various shapes and sizes.  


This moss is Dark Green with blue undertones. Perfect for adding some extra colour to your artwork.


Flat moss is ideal to use for larger projects. It is best combined with one of our other types of mosses. 


Use on interior moss walls, moss art pictures, a base to flower displays, top dressing displays, preserved moss bowls and terrariums, moss panels, decorative window seals or countertops or to use for scenery and set displays.  


It is soft to the touch and remains its natural green look for many years.


Supplied in:

a Small box (30cm x 30cm - covers 0.09sq.m.),

a Medium box (40cm x 40cm - covers 0.32sq.m.)

and a Large box (40cm x 80cm - covers 1.2sq.m.). 


Dark Green | Preserved Flat moss | Sheet moss | Carpet moss | DIY home decor

PriceFrom £17.36
Sales Tax Included
    • 100% real moss
    • Interior use only
    • No maintenance, lighting, or watering is needed
    • Can be placed in darker areas as no light is required
    • Evergreen: lasting for many years due to permanent preservation
    • Fire-retardant
    • Pest free
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Lightweight
    • Natural and vibrant color

Craving a personalised touch? 

We can make it even more bespoke, exclusively for you!

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