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Teak Root Wood Log Bowl and Preserved Moss


An artisan Teak Root Wood Log Bowl and Preserved Moss. Carved using teak root, this unique wooden bowl features a variety of our preserved moss and ferns.


Due to the nature of the wood and moss design, each Teak Root Wood Log Bowl and Preserved Moss piece will vary, making each bowl one-of-a-kind. 


This special home accessory looks great as a table top feature making the perfect dining table centerpiece, and sits pretty on a desk or shelf and bedside cabinet. Making the perfect unique gift for a loved one or for yourself.


We handcraft all our moss designs in-house, creating bespoke miniature woodlands for you to enjoy while at home or office.


Bring nature inside with this Teak Root Wood Log Bowland Preserved Moss! 


Please note, each bowl is different due to the Teak Root wood and the grain, colour and overall shape of the bowl will slightly differ. 


MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to two weeks for completion.

Teak Root Wood Log Bowl and Preserved Moss | 49cm

Sales Tax Included
    • Interior use only

    • No maintenance, lighting, or watering is needed

    • Can be placed in darker areas as no light is required

    • Evergreen: lasting for many years due to permanent preservation, making it a great alternative to potted plants.

    • Pests free

    • Hypoallergenic

    • Lightweight

    • Sound absorbing

    • Please avoid permanent, intense exposure to sunlight.

    • Please avoid excessive humidity (>70%) and dry air. Do not place the products near fireplaces, radiators, or other sources of heat.

    • Please do not water.

    • For light dusting, please use a hairdryer on low and cold settings.


Craving a personalised touch? 

We can make it even more bespoke, exclusively for you!

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