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PlantBox is a simple vertical garden system that makes it easy to add vitality and greenery to both interior and exterior barren walls.

Select from our assortment of sets, available in quantities of 3, 5, or 10.


Each PlantBox trough features a water reservoir keeping plants hydrated for 1-2 weeks. Capillary wicking felt allows plants to absorb water as needed whilst water level indicator tells you when to top up.


Comes in a kit.


You would need 8.33 units per 1 m2.



✓ Affordable, from less than £100 per m2

✓ Lightweight, quick and easy to install

✓ Made in the UK from 100% post-consumer wasteplastic

✓ Self contained unit – additional irrigation optional

✓ Click and stack in any configuration

✓ Freestanding or wall-mounted

✓ Versatile use including roof gardens, courtyards, patios or boundary walls

✓ Compatible with a wide range of plant choices

✓ Quick delivery

✓ Minimum of £1 donated to charity for every trough sold


To learn more or to download a brochure please click here.


PlantBox easy-assembly living wall system | Set of 3, 5, and 10

PriceFrom £86.00
Sales Tax Included
  • Unit dimensions: L600mm x W150mm x D200mm

    Fully loaded weight: 70kgs per m2

    Base material: 100% recycled polypropylene

    Reservoir capacity: 1.8L

    Recommended support structures: Treated timber (plywood), aluminum, steel, masonry, concrete

    Recommended fixings: Plywood (wood screws), Aluminum/steel (8.8 bolts), Masonry/concrete (Resin anchors) – 2 fixings per trough

    Plants per m2: 33 plants (8.33 troughs per m2

    Pot size: Anything up to 13cm (1 LTR) – 4 plants per trough

    Design life: >10+ years

    Compost type: Peat-free multi-use – 4-5L compost per trough

    Nutrient feed: Drip feed or slow-release pellet into substrate

    • Fix vertical rails onto support structure at 600mm centres
    • Pre-assemble PlantBox units and clip together to desired configuration

    • Fix back to rails using appropriate fixings

    • Attach PlantBox units with 2 fixings on the bottom row of troughs, before fixing every 3 troughs until the top and apply 2 more fixings to top row of units

    • Attach irrigation lines if required

    • Fill units with substrate

    • Plant units and backfill around with substrate

    • Fill units by adding water on the top row of filters

    • Watch plants flourish!


Craving a personalised touch? 

We can make it even more bespoke, exclusively for you!

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