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3 years at The Championships, Wimbledon!

Updated: May 8

We are celebrating our third year at The Championships, Wimbledon!

As you probably know Wimbledon stadium is located in South London and is famous for hosting the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. Known for its size, Wimbledon is one of the biggest stadiums in England and also all over the world!

We have had the honour of working with Wimbledon's interior design team, installing you guessed it... our masterful moss art! Let us give you a run down of what we have been up to over the years.

Moss Art at The Championships, Wimbledon

Moss Frame at The Championships, Wimbledon

Introducing our latest piece: 2023

Installed in Wimbledon's arrival hub, guests are welcomed by Wimbledon's friendly staff and our signature framed moss art. Incorporated in the design is our favourite type of moss, bun moss. This represents the tennis balls that have been bounced around this historic grounds.

Moss Wall at The Championships, Wimbledon

Let's go back a year: 2022

When working with biophilic design maximising exposure to natural light is a cornerstone. Illuminated by the sky light above, this free flowing corner piece speaks for itself! This breath-taking design exhibits the mosses raw edges bringing this unique piece to life as it climbs the backdrop.

The arrival hub at The Championships, Wimbledon

Where it all began: 2020

Thrilled to be part of the monumental championships, our collaboration started here. Customising this moss frame with this world recognised logo is definitely one of our biggest achievements to date and we are so delighted to be showing it off to you!

So there we have it - three years at The Championships, Wimbledon.

Interested in embracing your own biophilic design to your business or home space? Contact us here to discuss your vision and goals.


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