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Help Save The Bees with Living Walls

Updated: May 8

Together we can help save the bees!

World Bee Day raises awareness of the importance of pollinators and how they are key in preserving our biodiversity and harvests.

Due to human activities bees and other pollinators such as butterflies are under threat. As we all know pollination is a fundamental operation that keeps our ecosystem alive. Almost 90% of wild plants are pollinated by bees and so are many of the world's crops, protecting our food security.

Save the bees

So, how can you help save the bees we hear you ask?

Part of our business model is to boost the well-being of people in highly urbanised environments. Take our living walls for example, not only does their biophilic design connect you with nature, it also binds nature to wildlife too.

World Bee Day: Living Walls

Living Walls

These playful green spaces pay tribute to helping increase biodiversity, offering a safe habitat for animals and insects. With our expertise we will ensure your living wall installation pays homage to protecting pollinators. With this in mind we plant native flowers that will attract all kinds of insects, providing bees with the pollen and nectar they need to thrive.

World Bee Day: Living Walls

Purple flowers attract bees!

Did you know in comparison to other colours bees see the colour purple more clearly. This is factored in to our living wall designs as we incorporate purple flowers such as Heuchera, Erysimum and Liriope. So let's get planting!

World Bee Day: Living Walls

This forward-thinking take on urban renewal contributes to a more sustainable future. As a society we need to make the conscious decision to make design and construction have a positive impact on our environment. By integrating buildings with the natural world it not only encourages wildlife but minimises pollution and energy costs.

Green architecture and green vertical surfaces could play a vital role in addressing climate change and energy crisis, changing the way our future looks. To read more about the benefits of living walls please see this article here.

Together we can protect and help save the bees!

We work collaboratively to ensure your biophilic vision comes to life. Contact us today to discuss your living wall requirements and ideas!


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