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What is Sustainable Urban Living? And how our Greenery Services support this!

Updated: May 8

As we all know, cities are crucial to the world's economy. The exchange of goods and capital has catapulted our cities into mass production and urbanisation, offering endless opportunities to people from all walks of life.

While cities are the focal point of education, health care, cultural hubs, religion and everything else in between, they could however be built with a healthier and more sustainable approach related to construction.

exterior of a building covered in a living plant wall

What is sustainable urban living?

Sustainable urban living is a forward-thinking proposal that aims to aid cities by saving energy and addressing climate change. There are several goals that will minimise our environmental footprint, focusing on reducing pollution and the overall consumption of natural and new resources.

Verti-Grow also shares this conception and goal to help build a better future. We offer a multitude of greenery services that helps support the movement for sustainable urban living!

Greener Cities

We are your one-stop shop for specialist biophilic design, products, and installations. We can help with all things green for both the interior and exterior. All of our design, production, and installations are carried out "in-house" so you will have direct contact with the very people creating your vision.

Keep reading to see how together we can make our cities greener, tackling the energy crisis and reducing pollution! Or check out our website for more about us and our mission to build a more sustainable future.

Living Walls

There's one thing we know for sure and that is the lack of green spaces in built up cities. I'm sure you nature lovers will agree that more green vertical surfaces would not only benefit the well-being of people but also the environment!

exterior Living Wall

Research has proven that the use of living walls within urban areas could be a sustainable strategy to help restore our natural environment. Not only do living walls improve air quality by absorbing pollution, they also reduce energy consumption due to the insulation the outer living wall provides. Meanwhile offering food and refuge to birds and insects. It's a win win!

Green architecture in urban locations is the way forward! Click the link below to see how other businesses have invested in their greener future.

Moss Walls

Moss walls are similar to living walls, however, are an interior installation rather than exterior. Preserved moss walls offer insulation, keeping energy costs down, controlling noise pollution and also stabilises moisture levels and reduces airborne dust.

Not only does the moss within the installation produce a healthier surrounding, the art piece boosts productivity due to its biophilic effects, connecting us with nature and releasing dopamine in our brains. For work places these walls will help increase the well-being of your staff! What's not to love?

Moss Wall at sky0 reception area

Green Roofs

Also contributing to sustainable urban living, green roofs will extend the life of your original roof, shielding the materials beneath from harmful influences such as the wind, rain and sun. Green roofs also cool houses and city tops as they regulate heat, significantly reducing energy consumption in the winter as it stores the heat within the building. And let's not forgetting the air control benefits, converting CO2 into oxygen, keeping our air clean and wildlife happy.

sedum Green Roof

Home Accessories

Offering quirky office or home accessories to impress guests. Bring nature inside with biophilic design! Our one-of-a-kind moss wall art, moss tables and moss bowls will no doubt bring some colour and life into your space. Enjoy unique pieces that enhance your decor and creativity!

Let's Make A Difference

If sustainable urban living interests you, then contact us today to discuss your forward-thinking strategy! Let's make our future greener!


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