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Father's Day Gift Buying Guide: Something a little different!

Updated: Jun 12

Father's Day always seems to creep up quicker than expected and with Father's Day fast approaching we wanted to offer you an alternative gift guide that will only impress your lucky recipient!

If you are still yet to find the perfect gift then don't worry, we've got you covered. This Father's Day gift buying guide features presents of all sizes. Whether that be for spoiling Dad, uncle or guardian alike to a one-of-a-kind moss piece, showing them that extra bit of love this year.

If like us, your Dad loves nature and being outside amongst its beauty then our unique frames are going to fit the bill. Starting of with our smaller gift ideas.

Hexagon frame Moss Wall Art

These wooden frames filled with moss will liven up any desk or wall space. Our team carefully assembles each moss piece by hand, creating an intriguing design that brings nature inside. You'll be pleased to hear our moss wall art require no maintenance whatsoever! That's right. There is no way Dad's killing this one.

Featuring all types of foliage, our moss frames have dried flowers, bark, branches and mushrooms nestled within. Depending on what style you think he will like our frames come in all shapes and sizes, from round, hexagonal and triangular. These pieces can be as quirky as you like. Click here to explore our moss frames.

Now, if you are feeling super creative and have some extra time on your hands, we also offer something a little bit different! Why not build your own moss art frame with our DIY materials. This way you can map out your own design and add that personalised touch. We offer a variety of moss from bun moss to hair moss and so much more.

If this is something that interests you then head over to our 'Top tips on how to build your own moss art' blog. This brilliant blog shares all the extra materials you need with our tricks and tips. Head over to our shop to explore loose moss and other decorative necessities.

This Father's Day gift buying guide doesn't end here! For that absolute statement piece we leave the best present till last. Introducing our moss tables! This amazing conversation starter offers a miniature green oasis for anywhere in their indoor space. Crafted by hand with moss and flowers placed one-by-one inside, this truly unique and bespoke table will be the topic on all your family members lips.

Moss Table in a living room

The wooden frame is available in black, white and our signature burnt finish, tailoring each table to your requirements. Designs vary with tables decorated inside with bark, dried leaves and flowers and finished with a glass top. Like we said before these preserved moss pieces require no maintenance and need no light.

For those of you who are looking for a bargain this Father's Day, please do head over to our sale and check out our discounted pieces at a great price! Shop sale here.

To find out more about biophilic design, please read this great article explaining the positive effects bringing nature into your home can attribute to your wellbeing and mindset. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this Father's Day gift buying guide. Happy gifting!


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