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Why Every Home Needs Biophilic Interior Design!

Updated: May 8

Returning year after year, this trend continues to grow in popularity. Biophilic interior design is becoming well-established in the world of interior design and architecture and a feature piece in our homes!

Biophilic Interior Design: Moss Walls

Biophilic Interior Design

Bringing nature inside is renowned for making us happier. Playing on our evolutionary need to be closer to the natural world, biophilic design really does have healing powers that promotes productivity and a healthier mind set.

Biophilia means 'the inborn affinity human beings have for other forms of life'. Therefore, responding to nature is part of our genetic makeup.

So, how can you incorporate biophilic interior design into your home space we hear you ask? Follow our tips to help get you started!

Brining Nature Inside

Bringing Nature Inside

Depending on your budget your biophilia project can be as small or large as you desire. Maximising an area in your home with good natural light is a great place to start. This exposure will bring your biophilic design to life!

Start by opening those curtains and clearing obstructed spaces. This means it might be time to have that annual shift around of furniture to make room for your new look.

Don't forget, we are here to help! Whether you're thinking about installing a moss wall, living wall or simply want some moss art but need some guidance then contact us here.

The Power of Green

Studies have found the colour green creates a calming environment that reduces our heart rate and reinvigorates the beneficial effect of being outside within nature. Biophilic interior design champions green in all its forms. Think about introducing a lick of green paint, indoor plants or house accessories to enhance the biophilic effects. Even moving your desk or armchair opposite a window that overlooks the nature world can be an easy win when rearranging.

Natural Materials and Forms

Take inspiration from mother nature. Natural materials are an excellent way of creating a unique space or structure. Not only are natural materials such as wood, stone or cotton more sustainable than other alternatives, they help aid the mission of creating a calmer and more relaxed interior.

Curved shapes and certain patterns can encourage a sense of well-being too. These small touches here and there can transform almost any home without needing to make any drastic changes. Take our new moss bowls as an example. Enhancing your dinning room table, these Teak Root Wood bowls are great centrepieces, offering a range of natural materials and are a quick win to achieving the overall rustic and organic look.

Check out our new Moss Bowl Collection here. Available in all shapes and prices.

Biophilic Interior Design: Moss Bowls

So, if you are considering taking the leap and introducing some biophilic interior design into your home then we promise you won't be disappointed. Say goodbye to unwanted stress levels and hello to a tranquil state of mind. Reap the benefits and surround yourself with nature. Follow some of our tips above and enjoy the shift in well-being and happiness.


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