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Benefits of Interior Living Walls

Updated: May 8

chairs and a table in front of an indoor living wall
Arboretum, Charing Cross, London


There is overwhelming evidence that links plants and green spaces with positive changes to our psychological and physical health. The Royal Horticultural Society has stated that indoor plants have been proven to reduce not only blood pressure, fatigue, and headaches by 20-25 percent but also even increased patients’ pain tolerance in hospitals.

plant wall in a bouldering centre
Yonder, Walthamstow, London


Curating a bright, and comfortable visual space within workplace environments has become an increasing priority for businesses and employees alike. With a living wall, you can combine both the beauty of intricate interior design and the immense benefits of plants. Indoor greenery has been linked to improving attention spans and increasing reaction times when completing computer tasks, as well as reducing stress levels, making them sound investments for productivity.

a living wall and a moss wall in an office
John Lewis HQ, Smeg


Air purifying plants can also help combat the dangers of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) brought about by poorly maintained indoor spaces that can hold carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides and dust particulates causing irritation, headaches, and fatigue. One of the top three best air purifying plants the peace lily is commonly used in Verti-Grow’s living walls, as well as the English ivy which is a great carbon monoxide eliminator.


As well as providing a huge host of health and wellbeing benefits, a living wall in your home or business adds significant value to the property. A Michigan State University study found that introducing landscaped green spaces can increase real estate values by up to 20%. The same study also found that homeowners that invested in landscaping achieved a 109% return on every dollar spent.

residential bathroom with a small living plant wall
Residential Bathroom, Brixton


Living walls are a distinctive and immediate indication of a thriving business, providing chic and inviting interior design that is proven to increase footfall and even occupancy rates in hotels. Bringing plants inside is a wonderful reminder of the incredible life and vitality of nature and all that it provides, sustaining and supporting us to thrive.

a living wall with company's logo and built-in irrigation next to a staircase
ITAB, London


As a business, communicating your company ethics and values to potential investors, customers, and clients can be a bit of a bore, but with a living wall, you can say it all without a word. It not only gives the impression of an environmentally conscious workplace but also one that prioritises the health and happiness of its employees.


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