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A Path to Excellence in WELL and BREEAM Building Ratings

Updated: May 8

columns wrapped in moss in the reception area

In the dynamic world of sustainable architecture and design, achieving certifications such as WELL and BREEAM has become a hallmark of commitment to both environmental responsibility and occupant well-being.

Achieving high scores on these certifications is not just a testament to a building's green credentials but also a commitment to the well-being of its occupants.

In this blog post, we explore how Verti-Grow's innovative products and services can play a pivotal role in helping buildings attain stellar ratings on the WELL Building Standard and BREEAM.

Understanding WELL and BREEAM

WELL Building Standard:

The WELL Building Standard is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being.

It encompasses categories such as air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, and comfort, all aimed at creating environments that contribute positively to the health and productivity of occupants.

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method):

BREEAM is a widely used sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure, and buildings.

It evaluates various environmental factors, including energy and water use, health and well-being, pollution, and more.

BREEAM certification signifies a commitment to sustainable development practices and responsible construction.

Verti-Grow's Contribution to WELL and BREEAM Certification

1. Biophilic Design Solutions: Verti-Grow specializes in biophilic design products, seamlessly integrating nature into indoor spaces.

With a focus on moss art, living walls, and greenery installations, Verti-Grow enhances the visual appeal of interiors while contributing to air quality and stress reduction.

These features align with both WELL and BREEAM criteria, especially in categories related to visual comfort, air quality, and well-being.

room dividers with white boards in an office

2. Indoor Air Quality Management: Achieving high scores on both certifications requires a meticulous approach to indoor air quality.

Verti-Grow's living walls, bespoke office planters and DIY Plantbox living wall units actively contribute to air purification by filtering out pollutants and enhancing oxygen levels.

This not only satisfies the air quality requirements of both standards but also creates a healthier indoor environment for building occupants.

a living wall behind a staircase

3. Sustainable Sourcing and Materials: Both WELL and BREEAM emphasize the importance of sustainable materials and responsible sourcing.

Verti-Grow ensures the ethical procurement of preserved moss and plants, supporting clients in meeting these certification requirements.

What sets Verti-Grow apart is that most of our products are produced in-house bespoke to you.

This comprehensive in-house production approach guarantees that clients choosing Verti-Grow are not only opting for eco-friendly, responsibly sourced materials but also benefit from a seamless integration process that contributes significantly to the overall sustainability of a project.

two girls making preserved moss art

4. Visual Comfort and Connection with Nature: Verti-Grow's expertise extends beyond production and installations; we understand the importance of visual comfort and the psychological benefits of connecting with nature.

Verti-Grow's preserved moss art and plant designs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of interiors but also contribute to the visual and emotional well-being of occupants, meeting the criteria set by both standards.

moss wrapped columns with dried bark and mushrooms in a university reception area

5. Collaborative Design Integration: Verti-Grow takes a collaborative approach, working closely with architects, interior designers, and project managers to seamlessly integrate our products into the overall design.

This ensures that every preserved moss and plant element contributes cohesively to the sustainability and well-being goals of the project, ultimately enhancing the chances of achieving higher ratings.

moss wall art with bark triptych in an office

In conclusion, Verti-Grow's commitment to biophilic design and sustainable practices makes us a valuable partner for projects aiming to achieve WELL and BREEAM certifications.

By choosing Verti-Grow's innovative products and services, architects and interior designers can not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of their spaces but also contribute to the health, well-being, and sustainability goals that these prestigious certifications represent.

Elevate your project with Verti-Grow and build for a better, healthier future!

Get in touch with us today by emailing to or call us on 0208 611 2643.


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